Palazzo Palazzo

Friday, July 10, 2015

Another happy make ... Parisian Palazzo Pants, by e-beth designs.

I don't know about you, but this style of pants suits me well.  I love the way wide leg pants feel and look.  Classic in my book!  How could you go wrong? 

This has to be the easiest pattern ever.  With only 3 pattern pieces, it sews up really quick too.

For my first pair (because I made 3) I used this really pretty floral fabric. 

Obviously, the pants are not on me, but on my friend!

I learned some thing along the way.  Like... elastic is tricky.  While I followed the directions for cutting my elastic smaller than my waist ... I apparently didn't cut it small enough. 
Because of the way the waist band is attached to the elastic, there was no way I could even attempt to fix it without destroying them. 
So what's a girl to do?  Gift them of course.  To a friend.  And don't they look great on her? 

P.S. I am wearing my basics dress here by Califaye.


My second pair ...
Another floral! 

My favorite!!!!
And my third ...

Cropped because I accidently cut them on the shorten line.  Whoops!
Okay, so few things I learned after the 3rd pair ....

Pay attention when cutting out your pattern pieces.  This is the second time I hacked off the bottom part of my fabric.  I don't know why I was distracted :(

The waistband piece is cut to the width you need by 3 1/2 in length.  After the first pair was a little fussy, I just cut my fabric with 4 inch length instead. It made a big difference when it came time to finishing the waistband.

FYI ... I made size medium and the fit it awesome.  I just finished another pair for a friend and made size large according to her hips.  The fit is spot on for her in the waist, crotch and rear, however the legs are super wide.  Maybe next time taking out a little bit of the width will help. 

What do you think about palazzos?  If you are a fan, I highly recommend this pattern.

xoxox, Lisa

Southport Dress

Thursday, July 9, 2015

 Well, what could I say........ except that I LOVE this dress.

The pattern: Southport Dress by True Bias.  I am a huge fan of Kelli from True Bias. I Love reading her blog and love her patterns.  This dress does not disappoint!!!!!! I chose the maxi version of course.  It's a perfect fit for my wardrobe. 

I made this dress a while ago, right when the pattern was released.  I followed the sew along as well which was really awesome.  The hardest part for me was the button holes.  I really try to avoid them at all costs ... Sigh ... but in the end I was not defeated!

The fabric is Italian linen.  Stripes + Linen = LOVE

Ohhh and the slit in the front... that slit!  Just the right amount of skin to show.

In this picture it almost looks like a jumpsuit.  I have a feeling there might be a tutorial for this sometime soon.  If it's not, well Kelli, can you please, please, please, get on it?!??!  LOL!

xoxoxox, Lisa


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