Coziest pair of pants!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

UMMMM .... Hello, that's right!  I made pants.  Hudson pants to be exact, by True Bias.
Woo hoo!  I really love sewing, I do!  What I love even more is when the pattern is right on!  AND... Soo stylish. 

I cut a size 10.  I'm sort of Btwn 8/10 so I went with 10 according to her directions.  I think I would try the 8 next time as long as I choose a thicker fabric.   This fabric is a comfy jersey cotton, cozy enough to sleep in.  
I actually bought new king sheets for my bed.  Because I was so impatient, I used the top sheet. Haha.  
The pocket detail and ankle cuffs .... Navy jersey cotton I had from scraps when I made t-shirt necklaces.  
The main fabric is a little thin.  I figure since it is my first pair it would do fine, especially if I made any mistakes.  

I also crocheted a length of chains for the tie instead of cording. I just tied it through the opening and didn't pull it all the way around the waist. 

This sewing thing is quite addicting!!!!!!!!  Going to make my daughter a matching pair!!!!

9/24/14 I am wearing these to bed a lot!  It makes for easy easy mornings when I have to get kids off to school!  

xoxox, Lisa
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