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Friday, March 6, 2015

I am on a streak .... Woohoo! 
Last week after staring at my sewing machine (on my dining room table), I decided to make a space for my machine to stay out permanently. 
I really love to sew, and when I start a project, my dining room is the place I cut and sew.  Not really fun when the day comes to an end and it's time to clean up.  Sometimes I leave it all a mess for the next day so I can keep going.  Not ideal since this is where we like to eat our dinner.  :)
Soooo, I rearranged.  Set up shop in the front room of my house.  This is also our family office space and I selfishly removed our small couch to make room for my table, which really is a console table. 
I did put an old chair in place of the couch in order to have somewhere to sit hahaha!
I must say, It is encouraging to have my machines out in plain site.  I have already sewed up another garment and the best part ..... I didn't have to clean off my dining room table when it was time for dinner.  It's the little things, you know?!  I am HAPPY!!!!

Found this old photo of my dining room in use!  What a mess!

Another mess of a sewing day!

And now, this is where they will stay! 
 The drawers definitely are useful for keeping things handy. 

Cereal boxes ... just the right size for keeping things tidy inside the drawer.

Working at my sunny spot!


Me SOOOOOO Happy!!!!!!! (even if I'm not smiling lol!)
I think I can live with this arrangement.  Yay!!!!  xoxoxox, Lisa

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